Military Name Badges – Materials

 Materials for military name badges are specially obtained because of the types of badges required and their specialised uses. In the military field, name badges are a serious business for they not only identify but also aid in communication among officers of different ranks.

A senior officer may only address a junior officer by that officer’s surname which may be found on that officer’s name badge. Therefore, the individual getting the badge has to select a name badge material that clearly indicates the name, displays the most important information, including rank, and is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

Three common military badge materials are plastic, metal, and tape. Name tapes are the most common badge type for military class A and B uniforms. The surname of the army officer is embroidered or monogrammed on Velcro or digitized fabric. When producing name tapes, it is important to adhere to all army regulations. The surname must be correctly spelled and highly visible, as security in this sector is given a high priority.

Plastic name badges can be used on all classes of uniforms. They are durable and can stand everyday wear and tear. They can also withstand all weather conditions without difficulty. Plastic tags only require wiping off in order to keep them clean. The plastic material of the name badge can have a black or white background.

The plastic badges are attached to clothing using a pin found at the back of the badge. The badge is worn on the left side pocket of a jacket or a shirt. Just as with name tapes, the military individual’s surname is the name printed on the badge. It is imperative that all regulations be followed while making military name badges.

Metal name badges are the ultimate military badge material. These badges are mostly used by senior officers. Metal badges are made of aluminum or tin. They must display high-level sophistication. They are most commonly attached to clothing by use of magnetic badge holders. Metal badges are worn just like the plastic name badges, on the left side pocket of a shirt or jacket.

It is also essential that all regulations are followed while making the metal badges worn by military officers. Just as they are more sophisticated, these metal badges are also the most expensive of all to produce or replace. In the military, because name badges are a serious business,, making them demands that all pertinent regulations are always followed with the requirement again that the officer’s surname on the badge must always be correct.

Despite all of the detailed requirements which must be followed when producing military name badges, it is still possible to customized the making of military name badges. If this is done, the maker of the badge can include other details like insignia, and rank of the officer, along with other relevant information. However, when making these important badges, the badges should always be kept simple!

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