The Etiquette of Military Name Badges Role

The primary purpose of a name badge is to identify a certain individual. This importance is best highlighted in the military industry. In a very sensitive field where identity verification is of utmost importance, military name badges play a very crucial role.

In ordering military name badges, you have to be careful in making sure that the manufacturer will be able to meet your desired specifications. You have to check that the name badge will not only bear your correct name and rank but, have the right corresponding military insignia when such is required.

There are different insignia for the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. In an industry where the highest premium is placed on security, you have to make sure that your military name badge will be free from any error and that your surname will be visibly and clearly read.

There are two materials normally used to manufacture military name badges. You have fabric and metal. A fabric name badge or military name tape is the most visibly seen form of identification when you are wearing your military uniform. A name tape is normally an embroidered or monogrammed military name badge that is attached to the uniform using Velcro as an adhesive.

A metallic military name badge or more popularly known as a dog tag is usually fabricated from corrosion resistant metal such as aluminum, stainless steel or tin. A dog tag is an informal form of identification worn by the military and given such name because of its resemblance to an actual dog tag.

During wartime or military operations, this metal military name badge is mandatory because it serves as an important tool in the identification and recovery of a soldier left in the field. This military name badge comes in pair where the chain breaks off easily. A piece remains with the soldier and another piece is collected for notification.