Motorcycle Badges

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle and one of the most affordable forms of transportation. It is also known as big bikes. Over the years, it has been used worldwide.

There are different kinds of motorcycles and these are distinguished by their purpose. Some are used as professional motorcycle racing; others are made for display while the rest is simply used as a mode of transportation in day to day life. Soon there are parts, apparels, gears and accessories produced to pump up the motorcycle. Examples of these accessories are adhesive decals, covers and most of all, badges.

The motorcycle badges have been a trend in the motorcycle industry since then to imply ownership. It was first use as giveaways in racing competitions and formal functions. Next thing we know, people started to ask if they can have their badges customised. In short, these badges made motorcycle fanatics all over the world to design their big bikes uniquely.

Their leather jackets are also designed with motorcycle badges made of full coloured pins. There is a logo and a text usually made specifically for each customer. Most motorcycle fanatics are from well-known families and these guys used their family crest or coat of arms in their designs. However, for those who wanted a modern look in their big bikes opted to have a new layout using symbols and such.

Today, motorcycle badges are made from metal, vinyl, pins, and other related materials. Metal badges are usually manufactured by motorcycle companies to label their products. Some of these examples are Ducati, Harley Davidson, Orange County Choppers, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Pin and lapel badges are used as labels in the rider’s uniform or jackets.

If you want to pump up your motorcycle, there are companies offering personalisation services to suit your taste. Independent motorcycle parts and accessories suppliers offer customisation services for those who are interested. They produce quality vinyl badge logos that are durable, easy to apply and long-lasting. All designs can be made in the computer and digitally printed in vinyl. Designs can vary from classic to modern themes.