Name Badge Concepts

Every designer has different views about name badge concepts. Some would prefer a sleek and cold layout while others would add up solid colors and mix it up. Varying upon the customer’s preferences and business, name badge designers can produce a number of samples.

The list of possible name badge concepts is endless. It can range from simple to complex concepts. Name badge concepts are made to play an important part. It will show the designer’s capacity to imagine a concept design perfectly fitting the client’s point of view.

A name badge concept is pre-made to show the company’s capability in terms of creativity. It is always a good strategy to show an example. This will make the clients understand that the company is willing to create a name badge concept made especially for them. Most name badge companies offer customisation services making the name badge concept design exclusive.

If you are interested to know more about these name badge concepts, let me give you a wider scope about it. A name badge concept design is created to attract people’s attention. It must be legible and apt for a specific business. You must have a clear description about your name badge concept design. For example, if you are a flower shop owner, you can tell the name badge company that you want bright pastel colours with flowerets as a background or border.

Another ideal concept would be a simple white background with your flower shop logo. If you want your name badge to be a photo id, you can ask the designer to make a name badge concept that can serve as such.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say you are an event specialist. You plan parties, company seminars, shows and conferences. Every event is full of strangers. A creative name badge concept design just might break the ice. Instead of the normal “Hello, my name is…” name badge, why not customise it by using different languages for hello? “Hola”, “Ciao” and “Bonjour” are some examples.

For formal events, consider a name badge concept with embellished funny objects or enhance its lanyards made of ribbons, pearls or a digitally printed fabric. Name badge concepts are made to create a distinct quality to the business. It will clearly promote and establish the first impression on guests and clients.

It takes a lot of imagination to achieve a name badge concept design that will suit the taste of the clients. Uniqueness and originality always take the people’s attention. The trick is to keep that attention coming. Thus, a name badge concept design will have a big effect on your brand recognition or advertising strategies.