6 Tips Creating Name Badge Design

Name badges can be effective when it is presented in the right concept. There are times when people tend to overdo their design for their name badges just to get attention. This can either be a good move if you want your name badges to serve as your souvenir but there are other factors which can affect it. For example, if one is on a conference where a lot of people may not know each other, small name badges are not that helpful. Instead, having a clear professional look for a name badge design can double the socialization going on that said conference.

Here are some tips for a name badge design:


Choose a font that is readable and straight. Curly fancy fonts will enhance the appearance but it won’t get that much attention to your customers. You can use two clear crisp fonts as long as they go well together.


You can choose standard, bold, italic o underlined. Having a good format can enhance your motive to make the name visible. Common formats can have the name in bold letters in one line and their position italicized underneath.


Put a logo either at the right or left side of your name badge design. Choose an appropriate size and make sure that it does not cover the name of the bearer.


Pick a size that is convenient for the bearer yet still pleasing to the eyes of the customer. Having an addition of white border is helpful, too. It would make your name badge design more readable.


Create a name badge design in full colors but use colors that blend well. If your name badge design has a great amount of color, you can base it with white to make it visible and pleasing.


Remember your purpose in creating a name badge design; you want your name badge to attract your customer’s attention. Designing a name badge can be fun and creative. It’s good to have a variety of choices to choose from. You can easily find the right name badge design for your company. Don’t forget that name badges are made not only for identification purposes but to uphold the company’s reputation, too.

Use the tips stated above when you make your own name badge design.