Name Badge Holders

Most of the time, having an event or any corporate meetings can be flawless because of the familiarity of each guest. This is the effect of having your guests wear their name badges. Wearing name badges creates a positive identity and a simple tool to prevent fraud. It protects the identity of employees and potential clients alike. It also assures you that no one can go to restricted areas expect for those who are authorized. Name badges have a dual purpose, one is for identification and security and the other as a promotional tool for the company.

There are several kinds of acetate name badge holders. They differ in sizes, colour tones and flexibility but are always clear and transparent. This holder can either be pinned or worn with a lanyard. Acetate name badge holder can be opened either at one side or the back. This is for the paper inserts. Paper inserts are bought along with acetate name badge holder. This is where the name and other information are written. Companies opt for name badges that are reusable that is why having an acetate name badge holder is perfect for this quality. It is cost effective especially when your budget is low and you want to save. Acetate name badge holders are smart and practical options if you are on a tight budget. Premade ones are usually sold with paper inserts and a clip.

By now you do realize the convenience of an acetate name badge holder. It is very flexible and can be used again at any event. It is recommended for kids and older people for birthday parties and other events but that does not mean you can’t get one for your company. Moreover, acetate name badge holders can be collected from temporary staffs and visitors. You don’t have to buy another set of holders but instead, you would just change the paper insert in the acetate name badge holder. Easy to use and visible to its viewer, acetate name badges are effective tools for identification and security purposes.

Acetate name badges are available in the market and online. Cheaper prices can be found online for bulk orders and can even include free shipping.