Name Badge Machines

Name badges are created and manufactured using name badge machines. There are many different kinds of name badge machines which are used for the different types of name badges. Based on research, the two most popular name badge machines are 1) the laminating machine or 2) the plastic card printer. Name Badge laminating machines come in various types and sizes and have different features and functions too. They are equipped with hole punchers and some even have laser visible imaging, ultraviolet colors, nano and micro text capabilities. Below are some popular name badge laminating machines and their descriptions.

Pouch name badge laminators are the most common name badge machine for small businesses. It is also used by households and individuals for preserving important photos and documents. As a name badge machine, pouch laminators use plastic lamination pouches (hence, the name) which are sealed on one end. This pouch is coated with a film that sticks to the paper or card when exposed to the heat of the pouch name badge machine. The pouch is then rolled through a set of pressurized rollers to produce the laminated name badge.

Another kind of name badge machine is the roll laminator. They come in large sizes hence are generally used in the print industry. Roll name badge laminating machines use hot or cold rollers to stick glue on to the lamination film before the film is applied to the name badge paper or card. The rollers evenly spread the glue onto the paper or card and minimize air bubbles inside the laminate. As a name badge machine, roll laminators can be more efficient in the production of name badges in volume quantities given a short period of time.

Moving on, the next type of name badge machine is the plastic card printer. There are also a number of plastic card printers in the market that you can choose from. Among the most widely used are 1) rewritable plastic card printers, 2) magnetic strip encoder printers, and 3) touchless smart card encoding plastic card printers. As a name badge machine, plastic card printers print your required information directly on your plastic name badge material. You can achieve the same strength and durability (perhaps even more) in your name badges without the need for lamination. However, plastic name badge machines have a cost disadvantage over laminators as they are get more and more expensive depending on the features, speed, capacity and even style.