Name Badge Software

Over the years, name badge technology has really evolved and today it is not a “bank thing” anymore. All companies, both big and small businesses, have realized the importance of name badges and all industries using them today as essential instruments for aiding productivity.

This success in the name badge arena could be attributed to the availability of software and hardware which enable easy production of the name badges. Name badge software and hardware is also becoming so affordable that even the small businesses can afford to use the badges due to lowered costs.

Name badge software, which is a prerequisite for the production of the badges, comes in different levels of sophistication. These levels have different complexities and different costs.

Consideration of one’s needs is vital in selecting the software which will be best for a particular project. There are three major levels of name badge software. The choice of software depends on the volume of badges required.

The first level is the simplest and probably the cheapest: individual name badge card software. This software designs and prints single name badges. It is suitable for institutions that require different name badges for each person. Anr example of this use can be seen in colleges or universities when students are applying for their I.D.’s. Simple details like the individual’s name, photo, and even signature data are imported onto a predesigned template which is then used for printing the badges.

The second level is the software for printing large numbers of name badges. This software is much more expensive than the individual name badge software. It is also much more complex, as it can handle large numbers of name badges with various data from many individuals. This software consists of its own data base for entries. The software requires printers that can handle a large volume of badges without requiring the presence of an attendant to supervise the printing. This type of production is suitable for use at conferences or for military purposes.

The final level is the network software. This software is very complex and very expensive. The software is mostly used by a network organisation or a company with many different branches or levels. The network software can access several databases within the company over the intranet or secured internet. It then combines various data of different individuals within the company and uses it to print the name badges.

As seen above, different software is available for different prices. To save money, the exact requirements need to be known in advance in order to choose the most appropriate software. It is also important to ask several suppliers before actually making the final decision to order the software, because it will promote the success of the business by the badges it produces.

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