Name Badges According To Make

There are assorted name badges. Generally, they can be made of metal, plastic, paper or cloth. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one will be the most suitable for your business? You will have to decide.

Cloth name badges are not that common. They are usually stitched on the upper part of the uniform. It contains just the name of the company or the logo. You cannot view the name of the employee or his position. It is just a way to identify the individual as an employee of the company.

Paper name badges are papers with adhesives on one side. You can peel the paper to reveal the adhesive and stick it on the garment of the person. These types of name badges are useful for several hours only. The name of the person can be handwritten or printed by an ink jet or laser printer. Another style for paper name badges is the use of clear plastic badge holders. The information on the name badges is still printed by ink jet or laser printer but on a plain white paper. The paper is then cut according to the size of the plastic badge holder and inserted in it. This style could last a lot longer than the adhesive paper name badges.

Plastic name badges are more formal than paper name badges and can be custom-made that will be fitting to the branding of the company. They are light and easy to carry and more durable than paper name badges. Plastic name badges come in various colours, shapes and designs and less expensive than metal name badges. The information on the name badges can be screen printed or digitally printed. They can also be used as security measures by placing bar codes or magnetic strips on the name badges. A photo of the employee can also be included to confirm identity of the employee.

Metal name badges are the most formal looking of all the name badges and the most durable. The information on the name badges can be engraved which gives it a more business like appearance. They can be made of aluminium or brass.

The type of name badges suitable for your business will depend on the image of the company you want to project. It will also depend on several factors like the budget for purchasing the name badges and the quantity. Just remember, before making the decision, to do research which supplier will best meet your need.

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