Name Badges and Security

Name Badges and Security Name badges have many uses in the current world and are not for identification only. With the new technology name badges have been used by companies, organisations and even government agencies for security purposes. For this to work effectively, high tech name badges are produced.

There are various features that can be added to a badge to boost security. Adding an employee’s or a member’s photo on the badge is one way that enhances security. This enables easy recognition. As much as recognition is taken for granted, it makes it easy to know a person who does not belong to the company or establishment. This will therefore ensure security at all times. The second feature requires presence of laser or optical scanners. The feature is simply known as a bar code and/or 2D ‘dot code’. A bar code and/or 2D ‘dot code’ placed on a name badge will be read by the scanners. This is a higher level than just having a photo on the name badge in terms of security. Another feature is addition of shadow image and hologram. This feature makes forgery of name badges difficult if not impossible. To ensure this mode of badge security is effective, the printer that prints the badges must be properly secured probably by limited access by employees and outsiders. Colours easily visible and distinct to the human eye can also be added to name badges. These colours are coded to show the different levels of security clearance. Each level possesses a different colour. This feature is simple and to the point.

Finger printing and other biometrics can also be added to name badges. Each employee at every security level will be required to produce the finger print to match the data banks. Even though slow, this is a sophisticated feature and appropriate where high security levels are a must. Smart cards are another option of security boosting using name badges. In this case chips containing encoded information are embedded into the name badge. The information in the chips can then be read using tools like computers. A name badge becomes a smart card when the chip is embedded onto it. Most of these methods are effective when used alone. However, for more security two or more of these features have to be used together. For example: a name badge that has an employee’s photo, is colour coded and has a bar code is more secure than that which has a photo only. Every company should have their name badge features custom made to fit their security needs.

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