Name Badges Are One Of The Most Useful Plastic On The Planet

Name badges are one of the most useful pieces of plastic on the planet. As far as business is concerned they help establish it in an instant. A name badge on your employee makes the customer feel as though they are not first name basis with your employee, and generally speaking. Customers like the feeling of having a personal relationship with someone that they are about to conduct business with especially if it’s a big deal. A name badge will help to facilitate that warm, familiar feeling. Name badges are also a great way to artistically express the message or vision of your company and organisation name badges can ensure that your company logo or product becomes part of the collective universal consciousness, which is what every major company hopes will happen with their brand.

When it comes to name badges, there are several things to consider such as the size of the name badge, how it will be fastened, and the kind of material to be used. Materials vary from plastic, metal or paper/stickers for temporary badges.

Mounting mechanisms can either be pins, magnets, alligator clips or lanyard. All this should be in consideration not to ruin clothing, particularly silk, and the capability of holding a lot of weight. Magnets are usually very popular here and a little more expensive than pins or alligator clips, but are relatively strong for their size and will not endanger your employees clothing. Lanyards are nice; because they can be printed in a multitude of colours as well as with your company logo or product name and can be associated with your badges. However, custom printing lanyards can be rather expensive, but it is something to consider as you could even give the lanyards away at public events to help ensure that your brand name is remembered by all the people that you or your employees come into contact with.

Another consideration is the art. Remember, you don’t want to go with colours that will offset each other as they can become confusing to the eye and make the badge. a giant blur to the eye. You may have to consider changing the shape of your badge or shrinking down the size of the logo. However, if your logo has lots of intricate detail that you want preserved resizing it to fit is the way to go.

Generally organisational badges have a broad scope to choose from as regards art, colour, style and cost.

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