Name Badges Do It Yourself

A Name badge is commonly known as name tag or ID (Identification card). It can be made from different materials like PVC or plastic, wood, metal and polymer clay. Name tags are affixed with pins, magnets, ID holders and necklace. Its main purpose is to know the name of the person or used as a valid identification. And it is usually used in offices, such as Hotels or Hospitality Industry, Advertising Industry, Business Industry, Law Firms, Government Offices, Social Events, Community Service Industry and BPO or Call Center Industry.

Type of Name Badges:
1. PVC ID or Badges It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride and the common material used in making IDs or name badges because of durability and cost effective.
2. LED Programmable Badges The newest trend of badges and it can program words depending on your preference. LED badges are use for parties and social events.
3. Wood Badges It is commonly used for Company and School logo tags.
4. Polymer Clay Badges It is used as accessories, such as name tag key chains, cell phone tags, pet tags, etc.

PVC IDs is the most popular ID system nowadays and you can choose different kits or packages from the internet. Some supplier’s packages include special ID card software (ID template), blank PVC ID cards, and Inkjet ID Printer. On other hand, if you can’t afford to have the said equipments. An alternative way is to outsource it through online ID name badge designer. It is considered the most cost effective, hassle-free and practical way to have an ID or Name Badge System.

Best Software in Creating Name Badges:
1. Adobe InDesign Is an application from Adobe Systems and it can be used to create flyers, banners, brochures, and labels or name tags.
2. Microsoft Publisher It is a design and layout software produced by Microsoft and used for designing templates, banners, business cards, and name tags or labels.
3. Corel Draw It was developed by Corel Corporation and it is the best vector editor for images, template layout, logos, and labels.
4. Adobe Photoshop It was developed by Adobe Systems and it was used as an image or photo editing software.

Each of the software has its distinct characteristics and purpose. It depends on how you will expand your creativity to have a good and marketable name tags or labels. You can even use two applications at the same time. For some cases like IDs, it is important to edit the picture or photo before final layout on MS Publisher, Corel Draw and Adobe InDesign.