Name Badges For Communication

A company badge is, of course, extremely useful in the work place for employees and management staff. An ID name badge is also valuable to distinguish agency workers, medical staff and emergency responders from the general public.

Name badges can also be lots of fun and unify a group of people with something as simple as visual recognition. If you belong to an organisation that sponsors a point of view or cause, a pin button or badge can be produced that bears the name of the group or agency. Badges can also have catchy phrases printed on them and be made in the colours unique to that group or cause.

Button badges are very popular. They are easily visible to those who may belong to and support your cause, but they are also visible to others who may not have heard of your group and it will cause them to ask for information. Perhaps they do not realise that this was your intention all along, but visually prominent items provoke a curiosity in all of us. Keep a few of these little button badges in your suit pocket or purse. As soon as you have concluded your conversation, offer the person or people with whom you have made a positive impression to accept a button to wear, also. With your educational remarks, they will be able to explain their group badge to the next person who asks.

If you belong to a small club and would like an inexpensive way to increase membership and gain publicity in your location, a button badge emblazoned with your club’s name or logo and always keep a few extra to hand out to people that you feel would enjoy being a member.

Everyone loses business cards or scraps of paper with a name and number on it, but a plastic pin badge is easier to wear or pop into a purse or pocket.

Button badges do not exclude a wearer based on their attire. Pin badges can be attached to a shirt pocket, a lapel, jeans pockets, waistcoat, macs, blazers and light jackets. Both office wear and casual wear are suitable. In the event that a pin button will possibly be unfavourable to someone because they feel the badge may harm the fabric, order magnetic badges which will make no mark or puncture at all.