Name Badges For Every Profession

Name Badges For Every ProfessionName badges are very popular among many businesses in different industries nowadays. Not only are they very effective and cost-efficient identification and security measures, name badges are also very helpful advertising and promotional tools. However, name badges are unique and different for every profession. Every industry requires specific name badge designs that will contain information and content suited for the job and its target audience.

Here are some custom badges suggestions that can apply to these selected professions:

Name Badge Pins for Nurses

Nurses have several types of name badges that they can wear. But, the most common type of custom badges that nurses use is the name badge pin. This type of name badge is usually made of plastic, small in size and pinned directly onto the nurse’s uniform. It is usually gold or silver in color and bears the logo of the hospital where the nurses work. Nurse name badge pins contain only minimal information, oftentimes only the nurse’s name and the registered nurse title which is R.N. Some name badge pins for nurses also have added swipe-in security functions to access private rooms and areas within the hospital.

Military Name Badges

Military name badges follow strict guidelines and parameters mandated by the US army. They are usually made of plastic, metal or name tapes and have specific rules on usage – the type of military uniform it matches, where it should be pinned, etc. Military name badges also do not contain first names rather it includes the soldier’s surname as military officers rarely call each other on first name basis. The name tape military badge is the most common type of military name badge. It contains embroidered monograms and should be used for Class A and B uniforms. Plastic name badges are worn with military jackets and everyday military clothes. Metal military name badges, on the other hand, are formal in nature and should be worn on special military occasions.

Name Badge Pins for Dentists

Dental name badges or also called “smile makers” are typically made of metal plates with magnets as pins or holders. They are lead-free and normally have friendly and casual designs due to the nature of a dentist’s job. Given that kids are scared of dentists, dental custom badges are worded in a very light, fun and “smiling” manner with tooth fairy graphics to appease its young customers.