Name Badges For Every Scenario

There is a name badge or pin button for every scenario and event imaginable. Some name badges are actually used like a necklace. The ID badge is attached to a lanyard or an unbroken circle of ribbon or rope. These can be worn around the neck and are preferable to pin badges because they do not impact garment fabric and, for some age groups, they are safer than a pin-backed name badge.

Will the name badge show a minimum amount of information or will the name badge need to show specifics such as name, address or destination? Will a photograph of the wearer be included? The more information printed on your name badge, the larger it will need to be. When it is necessary to have a name badge that will display information unique to each individual, a clear acetate card holder will be very helpful.

Acetate card holders are available in rigid or flexible acetate and fit a variety of sizes and uses. They can be attached to a lanyard and worn about the neck or they can be ordered with a pin in the back for attaching to clothing.

Professional and amateur sporting events use photo-ID badges to insure only authorized employees are running cash registers, serving food and drink or entering secure areas. Coaches and their staff are usually wearing ID badges in an effort to ensure only the participants are on the field. Photo-ID badges are easily seen by employees, athletes and spectators alike.

Some musical and sporting events can be two or three days, to a week, long. This is when photo-ID badges are a great idea. And the name badge used with a lanyard is even better. For one thing, spectators or participants can wear ID badges showing security guards and ticket takers at the entry doors what kind of ticket has been purchased. The name badges can also show what events the buyer is cleared to attend, how many days the ticket is valid and can sometimes even show what, if any, special options are open to the wearer.