How Important Name Badges For Nurses to The Hospital

nurse name badges

Nurses would normally carry several name badges when going to work. A name badge for nurse will carry a custom identification name badge indicating her name and the hospital or medical institution that she works for. This custom id name badge will contain the employee’s picture and important information regarding the employee and the institution with its logo. This name badge authenticates that she is a registered employee of that company. This identification name badge may also carry special security features like bar code or magnetic scan that would allow her to gain access to the institution’s restricted facilities and premises. This badge maybe pin on, clip on or lanyard style.

A nurse may also carry a name badge for nurse that indicates any license for any special training that she has undergone (e.g. IV Therapy) for a specific procedure that she may administer during her shift. However, the nurse name badge pin attached to her uniform is the name badge most visibly seen by patients. It would contain just basic information like her name, her job title and the department that she works for. Most of the times, it does not have any photo.

A name badges for nurses pin is the first basic name badge that a nurse will receive. It is usually plastic and small. It is lightweight and attached to the nurse’s scrub suit at all times. It is considered as part of the nurse’s uniform. It is normally mandatory to pin this nurse name badge to her uniform when she is within the premises of the institution. This nurse name badge pin comes in different materials. One may choose hard plastic, soft plastic or metal. It may even be enameled for extra protection and to increase its durability. The most frequently used material is hard plastic.

Nowadays, a nurse name badge pin comes in different shapes and designs. It is not only for aesthetic reason but for utility purpose as well. A unique design will be assigned for each specific floor of the institution to easily recognize which unit the nurse is working for by just looking at her name badge pin.

Working as a nurse is a delicate job. One must appear as professional looking as possible at all times in order to gain and maintain the confidence of patients who are at their most vulnerable state. Patients must be appeased by making sure that they know that all the nurses attending to them are all professionals with technical expertise. Wearing a name badge is a simple way of reassuring the patients of the nurse’s competence.