What Everyone Must Know About Name Badges for Pets

name badge for pet

Providing a Name Badges for Pets is a simple way to increase the chance of your furry friend returning home if he decides to go on an adventure. Pets are our family. Sadly, many pets are lost without any identification, and there is not much hope of finding these animals in the big wide world.

Name badges for pet  can be added as an extra layer of protection in combination with a microchip tracking device. There are a few advantages with a name badge over the chip. If your pet is recovered, there is no way for an average person to know if the animal has a chip, as people do not have this technology. A simple pet name badge will make it clear to anyone who finds your pet that it is not a stray, but in fact, does have an owner.

A Name Badges for Pets also works in cases where the pet does not qualify for tracking chips for any reason. It may be that the pet is too young, too small, or from a species that does not use these devices. Budget restrictions may also prevent our pets from being given an electronic tracking device. There may also be medical reasons that your pet may not be able to have a surgery or incision.

Other domestic livestock animals are given name badges. It can be difficult to track large herds or flocks of livestock. It is far less expensive to provide name badges for large numbers of cattle and sheep than it would cost to put electronic chips in each animal. As you know, livestock is quite valuable. Providing ownership and contact information on a name badge can reduce financial loss.

In some areas, name badge for pets or licenses are required to be worn on pets. Many cities and towns have particular ordinances outlining required information and standardised formats. It is a good idea to check with your local veterinarian or city council person to make sure your name badge meets the criteria of the ordinance.

If you do not have to meet strict standards on format, you may wish to opt for a customised pet name badge. Pet name badges are made in all types of designs for all types of animals. Your kitty or doggy can make a bit of a fashion statement with a playful colorful name badge.

Pet name badges are available in pet stores, department stores, and other retailers. If you are wanting something with a little more bling, you may wish to order online as there are many options for customization. Online retailers will create any name badge you can imagine for your pet.

Customised name badges can vary in size, shape, color, image, and material. You can add a fun design such as a paw print, or even have a picture printed. Don’t forget to include several methods of contact for the owner. You might want to use an email address, cell phone number, and physical address to make sure you are contacted. Next time your pet goes for an outing, make sure he is safe by wearing his custom pet name badge.

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