Name Badges: How To Handle Them With Care

Browsing over the Internet, you will find hundreds and thousands of articles on name badges that tell you how important name badges are for identification, security and advertising. These three are the main functions of name badges which make them beneficial to any institution or organization. Of the three above mentioned functions of name badge holders, advertising comes to be of least priority; but, it does not necessarily mean that name badges as a promotional medium is of lesser importance.

As name badge holders represent your company to your clients, prospects and target audience, it is of the essence that name badges should be professionally designed and properly maintained. Given that name badges are commonly worn every day and exposed to constant wear and tear due to the variety of harmful elements in the environment, it is only proper for companies to issue specific guidelines to their employees regarding how to handle name badges with care.

You can extend the life of your name badges, especially if they are made of plastic, by placing them in cases called name badge holders. Name badge holders are custom made products used to encase and protect your name badges from scratches and folds. They are also usually made of plastic and shaped according to the shape of your name badge.

Wearing your name badges in the right places is also a good way of taking care of your name badge. Not only will it not be seen by your target audience but it will also bring damage to your name badges. Avoid clipping them on your pants pockets or on the hem of your shirt where they might fold to the extent of breakage.

Another way to keep your name badge crisp is to prevent it from getting wet. Most plastic and vinyl name badges fade with water so avoid getting it soaked in the rain or from touching the water faucet when you wash your hands.

To keep your name badges always shiny, you should always wipe your name badges clean. Do not use alcohol-based cleansers as these will also make your name badges fade easily and much faster.

These are just some ways to handle your name badges with care. Observe these tips and wear your company name badges proud!