Fully Utilize Custom Name Badges To Enhance Your Business

Name Badges For Social Lives pic


Custom Name badges have become a significant part of our social lives. Be it on our work station, a restaurant, name badges are sure to be found. Allowing others to instantly know who you are is the primary purpose of these badges.

However, they also provide other advantages. One of them is being an icebreaker. This happens when everyone knows basic information about everyone else, because of their custom name badges, everyone feels a little more open to other people. One person can start up a conversation to another person because they already know the other person’s name as if they have already been introduced. This removes the awkward moments when meeting someone new.

As the time goes by, name badges are developed and designed more than identification but for security purposes as well. Attaining this security means adding a personal touch to your name badge like a company logo, a photo of the employee, or a hidden barcode. These badges are often used in more advanced companies in accessing a room or a building.

Custom Name badges are widely used today especially in big companies, hotels and other facilities. These are usually when an employee has a frequent meeting with customers. It helps to know the employee’s name instantly as this often makes their service friendly and caring. Nurses and midwives are good examples. In a hospital, patients and their companions tend to panic and feel distressed. Once again, name badges provide a feeling that the nurse is already known and is therefore perceived to be compassionate. This causes the patients to relax and calm down. In a way, nurses with their name badges leave a feeling of reassurance to their patients.

Another example of this is the police and the military. Often wonder why do these officers have a different name badges? It is because of their rank. Their name badges are designed for easy identification and rank recognition within their work environment.

Another example would be a hotel, from the doorman to the receptionist down to the maintenance staff, every employee are wearing their name badges. This is another kind of purpose where clients can easily recognize a staff that can help them in any way possible. A well-designed name badge is also an added advantage to your company promotion.

There are various kinds of name badges. It can either be plastic, magnetic, vinyl, metal or other materials. It also varies in color, designs, shapes and size. Using mute colors and simple layouts create a professional impression on a customer and is usually a good choice for corporate meetings. Bright and bubbly name badges are perfect for fast food chains and kid’s parties so as to make the atmosphere fun. However, while designs and colors make an attractive style, make sure that the name of the employee is always visible and that the design does not affect the overall impact of the name badge.