Name Badges Provide Information

The primary reason for wearing name badges is to let people know certain information about the person wearing it. The reason could be for identification purposes or for security matters. Whatever the objective is, the data on the name badges will also determine what type of name badges will be suitable for the wearer.

If the name badges will be worn by employees, the information on the name badges should be pertinent to their work and the company. The name of the employee, his position in the company and the department in which he belongs should be printed on the name badge. If the company wants the name badges to act as a security measure, a photo can be added and even a bar code could also be added.

Long ago, name badges used in seminars are paper stickers with the name of the participant handwritten on it. Today, organisers can use software programs specially designed to create name badges and print them on self-adhesive labels. They can now include a lot more information than just name of the participant. Reusable name badges with window can be used if the organisers dislike using stickers.

School name badges need more data than regular name badges. The student name badges will contain the student’s name, his photo, his student number, his homeroom teacher and any other relevant information. The teachers and the administration staff will also have their own name badges. Visitors entering the school premises will be issued visitor’s name badges as a security measure.

When attending conventions, name badges must be creatively made to draw attention. Name badges should be designed with eye-catching colours and bold fonts. More than just the name of the participant and the company name and logo, the name badge could also contain the slogan of the company. Name badges in different shapes can also be worn. Conventions are the event where name badges should really advertise the company.

The function of the name badges will determine the amount of data needed on it. The information on the name badges should introduce the person wearing it.

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