Name Badges: The Silent Public Relations Specialist

Every time I go to the supermarket or dine-out with my family or friends, I never fail to call-out the names displayed on the badges they are wearing. I do this when I’m looking for a certain product on the shelf that I could not find or when I say thank you to the waiters for the great service. Sometimes, when I am disappointed, I intentionally send my message clearly to them by mentioning their names. It gives me the feeling that whatever I am saying goes straight to their heads like how a mother scolds her child by calling out the first name or sometimes the complete name.

Establish Relationships and Rapport

So basically, what a name badge does for me is that it establishes a higher degree of relationship whenever possible. Your name badge speaks for you. It doesn’t have a mouth and a voice to say “Hi, my name is…”, but it automatically flashes your whole self. The name badge and the performance of the person wearing it is the sum of who you really are. Your name badge connects you to your customer which makes it easier for the two of you to have a good start.

Highlights Professionalism

Just by wearing your name badge properly already shows professionalism. Remember, you don’t only represent yourself but your colleagues and company as well. If your service is excellent, your name badge could be your passport to recognition and promotion. It gives you the edge to perform even better. On the other hand, if something undesirable happens on your side, wearing your name badge could also mean that you are accepting responsibility for it. You are being accountable for your actions. This gives you a chance step-up and make up for your actions professionally.

Internal and External Affairs

Name badges are designed for two sets of people – employees and customers. It is always important to maintain a comfortable and yet professional environment among all employees from CEO down to the rest room cleaner. If everyone wears a name badges, then everyone will have the impression that everyone is important – even the cleaners are! It is almost the same with the customers. The customers always want to feel valued. One of the ways they feel valued is when it becomes easier for them to communicate back to us. Customers’ recognizing an employee by their names is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship with the “external” affairs. Name badges are one of the cheapest yet most effective tools that each company must invest in if they truly want to boost their public relations. Nothing is more important than being recognized by existing and potential customers (as well as employees) with the excellent services provided. Empower yourself and your business with creative and professional name badges.

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