Name Badges To Boost Job Performance

Although designing a quality name badge with an excellent design and eye-catching colours is an essential part of any company. Just as important is how that name badge is going to be fixed to the employees clothing as you want the employee to be as comfortable as possible while wearing them. You do not want to be a hindrance to job performance. Pins are by far the most economical option available, most companies will offer them as the standard free of charge fastener when ordering the badges for your company the problem with pins is. They are not ideal for all materials such as silk, where the pin could leave small holes or tears also the pin may not be the most ideal option, if your employees are wearing badges made out of heavy materials such as metal or heavy weight acrylics or even multilayered window badges as the pin might not be strong enough to hold the extra weight. A very popular option for attaching an employee’s badge to their clothing are magnets can hold much more weight, such as acrylic or mental badge. They also will not leave telltale puncture marks in clothing the downsides are, they are not as cost-effective and might be a hazard, should you happen to have an employee that uses a pacemaker.

A pocket adapter, while it may not be the best choice for busy or fast-paced applications or outdoor applications. They are extremely lightweight, comfortable and obtrusive and are perfect for an office or professional environment. However, they can be rendered ineffective if the employees, business attire does not have pockets. Alligator clips or vinyl straps can be a more cost-effective alternative to using magnets (and safer for those with pacemakers as well) they have a very stronghold once attached, and the like magnets will not damage silk clothing. They can easily be attached anywhere that is comfortable for the wearer as well as to a badge reel or lanyard.

A badge reel can be an extremely comfortable way to wearing a badge. They typically attached to the belt loop or pocket of the employee and keep the badge out of the way until it’s needed. The down side to a badge reels, is that they may not be compatible with heavy materials like medals or heavyweight acrylics. But they are great, if you’re badge needs to be scanned often as they keep the badge right where it needs to be for easy access and also eliminate the need to bend over or remove the badge from its holder when scanning. Last but not least, a lanyard is a very effective way to hold a badge. Typically worn around the neck lanyard can also be printed with the company logo or product names and have the same color scheme as the artwork on the name badge.

The downside is that they are not as cost effective as some of the other attaching devices. Particularly if they are printed with custom logos and colors, and they may not be ideal for warehouse settings or factories, where the possibility of having been caught in machinery could result in a very dangerous outcome. So when designing your company’s name badges, please keep in mind that there are several options of attachment available and are not all may be suited to your particular needs, but have no fear as very wise individuals will be happy to advise you. So that you get the best result possible for your company.

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