Name Badges To Celebrate Family Milestones

Graduation is a milestone event in both the graduate’s life, and his or her families’ and friends’ lives. A graduation from university sets the stage for the beginning of adulthood graduation parties can be both a coming-of-age party for the graduate and family reunion marking the day of pride.

After graduation, other family events would include:
• Wedding Showers
• Stag Parties
• Hen Parties
• Baby Showers
• Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding showers are planned with joy and excitement, but when two sets of family members and friends of the bride meet, sometimes, for the first time, everyone is in for a few awkward moments. Not so when guests are wearing name badges created in the colours of the wedding party. No nerves for the bride, at least where addressing guests by their correct names is concerned. Guests can relax and enjoy the day because they won’t have to try to remember the bride’s little sister’s name or Great Aunt – oops, what’s her name? The name badges say it all.

Not long after the wedding shower comes the days of the single life for the soon-to-be-married couple.

Hen parties usually include they young lady and her wedding entourage as well as friends and family members from her family and her young man’s family, going out on the town for dinner, drinks, and dancing. Button badges can be created that show a school photograph of the bride when she was in her first year of school and have the wedding day printed on them.

Stag parties for the groom and his team usually include alcohol and a very late night. Name badges printed with the name and address of the hotel where everyone is to be safely deposited will be very helpful to the taxi driver. Modifying the age-old scavenger hunt, to instead, be a list of challenges for guests to complete, adds an element of competition to the evening. The groom, with a pocket full of multi-coloured button badges which advertise the wearer’s great feats, could hand out button badges each time to a party-goer earns one.

Hopefully, the happy couple will renew their wedding vows on their silver anniversary and invite friends and family to rejoin them on a cruise to celebrate. By that time, some memories may be a bit faded. Let’s hope guests will bring their shower and party badges with them!