Name Badges Used As Advertisements

Can name badges replace a big budgeted advertising campaign? What can name badges offer that advertising campaigns cannot?

Let us look at what name badges can do and see if we can answer the question. Strangers can make people uncomfortable. It is difficult to say whether you can trust a stranger or not. The same can be said of your business especially, if you are just starting out. The public has no idea what your business is and can you be trusted. Name badges can break this obstacle. Name badges are inexpensive way to introduce your company to the public. All your employees and managers will be wearing name badges. So, if you have big population of workers, you also have a large number of walking mini billboards.

Name badges are not only a means to promote your company. It can also be used as a method of identification. Aside from the name and logo of the company, the name of the employee is also printed on the name badges and a photo can be included. The customers will now instantly get acquainted with the employees and the feeling of anxiety with strangers will be gone. The barrier has disappeared and the customer will freely do business with your company.

To further boost this marketing strategy, you can design your name badges creatively. You can add some attractive images. Instead of opting for the usual shape of rectangle and circle, you can customise the form connected to your product or service. If your business is retailing hardware supplies, the name badges could be in the shape of a hammer. It will be unique and definitely will a mark on the customers’ memory. Creatively customised name badges are great conversation starters. No one can resist commenting on imaginative name badges. With the employee and the customer having a nice flowing dialogue, the conversation could lead to a successful business transaction.

To answer the question, can name badges replace a big time advertising promotion? Most probably, no. It is still great to see your company in newspapers and television. It can cover a wide area of the country. But that kind of advertising cannot create what name badges can. Name badges can establish a more personal relationship between the company and the customer.

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