Name Badges Your Choice

A good professional name badges image is one aspect any company may virtually stake its reputation on. It is no secret that in the corporate world, it is of the utmost importance that companies build a positive image by which it is viewed by customers and clientele. For some, their professional image will make or break their success in their line of business. What better way to prop up this image than invest in name badges?

It is worth noting that according to independent research, companies with employees who wear their name badges are perceived by customers and the general public as being more friendly and courteous, not to mention, professional-looking. The employees themselves, say their badges help promote a sense of pride that results in improved customer care and retention. While name badges may not instantly turn any wallflower into an astute individual, they do create a sense of personalised touch. Name badges, commonly used by large firms, are now becoming increasingly popular even among small and medium-sized businesses. Besides employee identification, it’s also perfect for events, meetings, security access, as well as limited promotional gigs.

Name badges come in various colours, shapes and designs, with sizes ranging from 0.75 inches (height) by 2.5 inches (width) to 2″ by 3″. Standard sizes may come in 1″ x 3″, 1.5″ x 3″ and 2″ x 3″. Although not required, it is recommended that it carry the company’s colours and logo/logotype for easy recall. Most have two to three lines of text with the employee’s name and position clearly readable at an arm’s length’s distance. Aside from these, a photo and the company’s slogan or tagline can be an added option to further project its vision. Other distinctive badge designs include finishing made of brushed silver, brushed gold, or customised with personalised colours. Standard shapes are rectangle with either pointed or rounded corners, and oval, which is the preferred look in most 5-star hotels. Furthermore, customised shapes (some come in the shape of a horse) also offer a choice that makes one stand out in a world of rectangles. Finally, badge fixings allow the name badge to be securely attached to the employee’s uniform. Standard fixings include standard pin, combination clip and pin, and magnetic.

Badges and related accessories are available at popular prices starting around £3.50 Whatever shape, colour, material or size, one thing is definitely certain: with a name badge, any average employee should truly feel his/her worth as the ‘pride’ of the company he’s working for.

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