Name Tag Badges

Are you a dog lover? Well I am. She’s Collin, white and three large brown spots spread on her body. She’s one lovely dog and my own bodyguard. I take her to the park every Sunday to accompany me when I jog as I am new to the town. I just have one problem. When I bring Collin to the park, she’s too enthusiastic that she runs here and there. I lost her a few times and so I’m afraid to bring her out. But I learned about one solution on the internet. I made a name tag badge for Collin. On the badge, it says her name, what her breed is, and where she lives as well as where to contact her.

Collin is already a head-turner, but every time I put the badge on, more people call her name and smile at the sight of her. When we go home, she’s too tired wiggling her tail the whole time we’re in the park. I made Collin another name tag badge that says, “I’m human friendly,” aside from her other details. When she wears it, she’s like a celebrity as people go near to her, fondling and tapping her in the head. Sometimes I feel like I’m now the bodyguard. I’m not afraid anymore to let her go, I know she’ll find her way back to me, if not by sniffing, by someone who has the heart to bring her back.

One time I lost her and it took me two days to get her back. The guy who took her was seating on the park when he saw my dog. When he finished his newspaper, he noticed Collin still playing in the park. He passed through her heading back to his house but the name tag badge drew his attention, and so he found out there’s a number and address on it. He planned to walk Collin home but after such effort and still not finding my house, he decided to just call. This old guy became our friend and he often tell us story about his hardship being old and alone. So every Sunday when we go to the park, we bring him sandwich and we eat with him for a break from our exercise.

He suggested me to put on a name badge as well so people will recognize who’s the owner of Collin if suddenly she breaks out again. I took his advice and bought a twofaced name tag badge which displays on one side the message, “Hi! I’m Katie, the owner of Collin,” and on the other side, “Hi! I’m Katie and I’m looking for my dog Collin who has three spots of brown in her body.” When Collin’s with me, I show the side which displays the former message. I began meeting people in the neighborhood who either walk their dog on the park or are just strolling off. When I lose Collin again, I turn the badge to the other side which says I’m looking for Collin. This way, people will start approaching me upon seeing the badge and show me where they last spotted her.

One Sunday when Collin and I jogged to the park, I noticed another dog with a name tag also. I learned he’s Spratly, one of Collin’s playmates. His owner and I met a couple of times in the park, and she thought what I did was a brilliant one. The next Sunday, there are two more dogs wearing badges, with their owners wearing badges too. We began talking and meeting every Sunday at the park along with their dogs.

I’ve also met other people who don’t have dogs, but through the badges we began talking and now call each other friends. I never realized that badges are useful to me. I gained more friends in town whom I spend time with not only on Sundays, but on the rest of our free time. When I look back, I realize how many friends I’ve made. Thanks to the name tag badges.