Navy Name Badges

The navy is a part of a country’s armed forces concentrating on military operations located at the sea. One thing about being in this job is maintaining a uniform that would last. This is kind of hard when you are working in the water. That is why their uniforms must be durable and easy to use. Their uniform includes their jackets, shirts, shoes and their name badges.

Navy name badges are used for immediate identification or for security reasons. The navy uniforms have different kinds of name badges. Each type of a navy name badge suits its own purpose. Old navy name badges are made out different materials like leather, metal and tapes. As the time went by, there have been many modern materials used for their name badge. There are different positions in the navy and each of them has a distinct characteristic in their uniforms and name badges.

The navy name badges used in the official uniform are usually made out of metal. Names and positions are engraved in the metal plate. People who wear this are usually high ranking officers or team heads in a department. This is used in official gatherings, ceremonies, meetings and military operations.

Another type used as navy name badges are those embroidered in their uniforms. This is preferred by the navy because of its durability and practicality. This is sewed in their jackets, shirts, pants and casual uniforms. Uniforms used in trainings and during the operations are the best examples. For recruits and newbie, there is a metal name badge in their sweatshirts and jogging pants.

Acetate name badges are also used for temporary crews and visitors. It serves as their permit pass in an area. There is also a navy name badge made of leather similar to the one used during the World War II but is seldom seen today.

Traditionally, a navy name badge can bear the name of the wearer on the first line and his position beneath it. The first and middle names are typically abbreviated.

Navy name badges are issued by the government. This is given when one has completed the necessary requirements for a naval position. These name badges are made to order so it is to be expected that the government buys them in bulk. There is also an opportunity if you are a name badge company. The government has biddings for the lowest price offered from time to time.