One Way using Staff Name Badge

I could just scream. No, I mean I could really scream, but since I’m at work and customers are all over the shop, I can’t. It’s not that I hate my job. It’s my finger. The pin attachment on my name badge has, once again, stabbed my finger while I was pinning it to my uniform. If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we have name badges that don’t put holes in our clothing and our fingers? As it turns out, we can.

Magnets, besides being terribly entertaining, are being used to fasten company and staff name badges on uniforms and other types of work attire. Instead of the old safety straight pin, the attachment is fashioned out of magnetic strips. Not only does the magnetic strip protect fabric by never piercing the fibers, but it will never pierce your skin!

When not in use, the name badge can be slipped off of your clothing and stuck to a filing cabinet, refrigerator or tossed into a desk drawer. Accidents can and do happen, as in accidentally leaving your name badge on your work clothes and then tossing the clothes into the wash. Many pin attachments begin to rust after a few such accidents. It is not the case for the oh-so-dependable magnet. They don’t rust and they won’t stab your fingers.

Magnets don’t wear out; that is why businesses find it really advantageous to use them. A staff name badge or ID badge used daily, week in and week out, eventually wears out. The pin portion begins to bend. The hinge where it is attached to its base will begin to loosen up or shear off. Even the novelty pin button badges can’t compete with the magnetic name badge attachments.

Pin buttons are mostly used for inexpensive promotional or entertainment purposes. The pin is a single piece tucked into the back of the pin button, with a straight portion that comes across the back. This is so it can clip a bit of fabric and be tucked back into the back of the button or badge. After a number of uses, the straight-pin portion can become fatigued and break right off. Thus, magnetic badges are a breakthrough!