Ordering Name Badges

There are many different choices of ordering name badges that you can choose from, the most popular three types of name badges are metal name badges, plastic name badges and paper name badges. You will find that Metal Name Badges generally have to be placed on a special order, however, you can design and print your very own paper name badges using your home pc, or even using the office computer.

If you are interested choose magnetic name badges, metal name badges and engraved name badges, then you will find that a special order should be placed, most of the office supply companies have their very own printing department that deals with name badge engraving and the main printing of the name badge. Before you place your order for a custom name badge, you might want to review the choice of fonts and different name badge designs, you might want to think about using the same name badge design and font style for all your staff members.

To ordering name badge or custom name badge you will normally need to complete an order form, while using the form you will need to choose the font style, colour of the badge and the correct font choice, and maybe need to choose a background colour for the name badge design, you will then need to write on the form what other information will be needed to complete your order, this will be used for the name badge printing or name badge engraving, make sure that you spell everything well on the main order form, or you might find that the order will be incorrect and all the name badges will have to be re-printed again which is an extra expense your company does not need.

If you are thinking about printing your very own name badges, you will also have to think about paper name badges, normally there are two different options for paper name badges, you can choose to buy a special paper name badge kit, or try to create your paper name badges from scratch.

If you decide to buy a kit, all you will have to do is use the name badge design template included in the box and scan the template into your pc word processor and find a template that will work with the kit your selected. If you use Word on your computer you can find many different Avery name badge templates. If you have purchased a generic name badge kit then you will need to study the box instructions to see which Avery product the kit has been modeled on, you can then use any corresponding Avery design template, using Word to design the paper name badge.

Custom ID badges should be used for a variety of different purposes; they should be used to install extra security in your venue or office location, they should be used to identify various persons at a conference, seminar or workshop, or name badges can be used as a entry ID for various conventions and special events, you will find that custom ID badges will work well for employee ID passes.

When you design your employee ID Badges, you will need to include various different types of information and don’t forget to use a photo of the employee, their job title and name, department they work in and also your company logo are so very important.