Ordering Staff Name Badges

 Give your staff an image of professionalism and competence by giving them staff name badges. Name badges will give them pride that they are representing the company. It will make them feel confident in front of the customers.

Staff name badges will not only help you maintain your existing clients, but also aid in recruiting new ones. Customers feel at ease and can give their trust easily to staff members wearing name badges. They are assured of the ability and efficiency of the staff member. Name badges help establish a personal relationship between the customer and the staff.

The Name Badge Company offers an unbeatable and competitive selection of staff name badges in 4 different shapes and 8 different coloured name badge frames. As you can see from our sample designs, the name badges are even made more attractive with full colour RGB printing technology.

Our name badges will give your staff the professional and elegant look that will match your company’s image. The polyurethane coating of the name badges will protect the design and print, making it scratch-proof and fade-proof. Your staff name badges will always look as stylish and smart as the badges looked on the first day you got them. Additionally, each name badge frame has a 2.5 mm thickness and has been designed and manufactured with smooth rounded edges to protect the wearer from cuts that may be caused by rough-edged name badges.