Ordering Your Name Badges

Besides being an easy way to promote your company, bespoke name badges come in a wide array of styles, designs and colours. There is a plastic name badge that will fill the needs of every business owner.

Among the considerations when purchasing personalised name badges would be:

• Exactly what size and shape will I need the basic badge to be?
• Will the name badges be used for one specific employee?
• Will the name badges be interchangeable so that one name may be removed and a new one applied?
• Do I want my company name badge to have a pin clip or magnetic fixing?

Some name badge companies are able to produce the ID badges to the size and specifications of the person ordering them. When ordering your staff name badges, be sure to check the order sheet or website for size and shape limitations, if any.

If your company shows a high rate of turnover concerning employees, perhaps the best choice would be a staff name badge that does not include the employee’s name printed on it. Simply order the badge with a blank area that allows a label to be affixed where the employee’s name can be hand written. The label may then be peeled off of the ID badge and you may re-label with a new employee’s name.

If your company or agency has a low turnover, the investment in personalised name badges would be a nice way to recognise an employee’s importance to your company. Pin clip backing is the commonly recognised ‘straight pin’ device which is attached to the back of the name badge and is pinned through the employee’s suit or uniform. Another style of backing is becoming quite popular in the name badge industry. Rather than piercing the garment to attach it – and sometimes the wearer’s thumb or finger tip – a magnetic device allows the badge to stay in place without creating wear and tear on fabric.

Corporate badges and office badges are often designed with this in mind. One name badge company based in Great Britain offers all of their personalised name badges outfitted with both the pin clip and magnetic fixing so that the choice of attachment is up to management or the employees, themselves.