What Makes Pantone Name Badges Different from Other Badges

In a plethora of name badges, there are some that stand out among the others. For the corporate world, these are pantone name badges. A pantone name badge can be made through digital printing. It got its name from the Pantone, Inc, the color company. It’s a kind of name badge that are designed using the matching color system of Pantone. The matching color system is used as a basis for the name badge layout.

Printing companies chose this kind of system because of its clarity to print the exact color from the sheet. These sheets are known as color guides. Each color has its own number, making it easy for the printer to identify how to mix the ink. Other than that, using the pantone system standardize all the colors worldwide.

Pantone name badges are inspired from the pantone color charts. Its design is basically clean and pleasing to the viewer. These are usually used in luggage or travel bags. Pantone name badges stand out in the crowd because of its solid and rich colors. This kind of name badge is also used for themed events or conferences. This can be used to organize teams or groups for an activity.

Printing companies encourage customers to use pantone color swatches for their name badge so that they could ensure what exact colors they want. Pantone name badges can be fun, professional, customized, colorful and trendy.

Most business owners choose this kind of name badge design because of its versatility. It can be used anytime and anywhere. These badges are available in the market. Prices may vary from £15 – £30 based your chosen design and materials.

You can order pantone name badges online, too. Some companies even offer free design and shipping as long as you are buying in bulk. It is always better to buy in bulk to save time and budget cost. Choose the right pantone name badges for you. There are a variety of colors to choose from so do not limit yourself. Color matching can be easy as counting 1, 2, and 3 using the color sheets for your pantone name badge.