Party Name Badges

Who says name badges are too formal and uptight that you can’t wear them to parties? Well, they should think again. There is such a thing as Party Name Badges. Party Name Badges are event name badges specifically designed to bring the capital F to Fun and the big E to Exciting!

Party Name Badges are name tags that are intended to be worn during parties and social gatherings. Depending on what kind of party you are going to, party name badges can also be customized and personalized according to your own style and preference to veer away from the plain old name tags and bring out your unique and colorful personality.

If you are attending or organizing a kids’ party, you must choose a party name badge that appeals to toddlers. The party badges could include a picture of clowns, balloons and confetti and must be very colorful to attract the kids’ attention. You can create party badges with a different design for girls and another layout for boys. Among the most popular designs for party badges for kids’ parties are superheroes for boys and fairy tale princesses for girls. Since kids are still very playful and love to roam around, their party badges should use stickers as fasteners. Lanyards, as adult name badges often use, will only be a distraction for them when playing and interacting with other children.

If you are joining or arranging a teens’ party, your party name badges should look cool and funky. Chunky, laced or bejeweled lanyards may be used as badge holders and the name badges can be decorated with Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber photos. They should not be too big or else the teenagers will not wear it. Party  badges for teenagers may also be brightly colored and may take different shapes and forms.

For adult party name badges, bright colors and crazy shapes may tone down as adult parties are more formal in nature. Adult party name badges may be simpler and more elegant. They may refrain from the use of lanyards and stickers as badge holders and fasteners. Adult party name badges are usually made of coated metal or hard PVC plastic with engraving or stamping. They also usually include just the name of the person with less images and design. The look and feel of the party badges however, may be an important concern as adults tend to be more particular with image and reputation.