Personalised Name Badges for Business

Personalised name badges are small in size, yet big in function when used in employment and business. You could wear a simple name badge that states your name, but that is not going to reap the same benefits as beautifully designed personal name badge customised to your liking.

What are some benefits to adding personalisation to your Business name badge?

By adding your brand or company name, you serve as a human marketing platform. You can identify both yourself and your brand in style and taste. This can be a fun and easy process when you know some of the options available.

Technologically advanced processes are used to create almost any name badge imaginable from your choice of materials and designs. The materials commonly available are various types of plastics in a range of thickness, sizes, shapes, and sturdiness. Aluminium and steel are also used. State of the art cutting tools, dies, and woulds are used for custom ordered personalised name badges. It’s a good idea to take advantage of free sample options to help you make the correct choice

Once you have decided on a material for your name badge, you will then find a range of options for your print. Print can be set for engraving, or raised fonts. Inks and paints in selected colours can be added any way you can imagine. This presents unlimited potential for your design options. You can choose an image, photograph, symbol, or artwork. These can be sent electronically to most personalised name badge companies. You can also view the image for approval online before it goes through the manufacturing process.

After you have created the perfect personalised name badge design for your brand, you will also choose the type of enclosure. Safety pin or straight pin enclosures offer secure attachment. Strong magnetic bars with steel plate backings are a great choice for secure placement. In some situations, a lanyard can be attached to the personalised name badge to be worn around the neck. Keep in mind that lanyards do present safety hazards in active occupations.

If you would still like the string attachment for duel functioning payroll type name badges, a better option for safety is the name badge reel. The cord is retractable allowing the personalised name badge to remain close to the body. Then it can be pulled away for using at an employee time clock without removing the name badge from the clothing. Both lanyards and namebadge reels are also fully customisable, so consider also ordering a personalised name badge lanyard or reel for a fully coordinated professional look.

What should influence your design? We’ve all heard the architectural mantra, “Form follows function.” So consider the desired function as top priority. For image, use an existing brand image, logo, or mission statement that serves your company image well. Go for custom colours that match your branding and uniform requirements. Remember sometimes, “Less is more.” So don’t crowd your image.

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