Photo ID Badges

Do you know of anyone who doesn’t have a photo ID badge? Finding someone who doesn’t own a single photo ID badge will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A photo ID badge is so popular that it’s almost like a must-have item for everybody. Gone are the days when people keep laminated cards with their cut-out 1×1 photos. If you still have one of those, you either haven’t worked for so many years or haven’t worked at all.

Many companies have joined the bandwagon and began using photo ID badges. With its many security features added to its very professional look, photo ID badges made the typical ID badge a thing of the past. The discovery of PVC plastics has brought about the idea of photo cards. These photo cards, also known as photo ID badges, are printed using a specialty printer. Its concept is similar to a credit card except that photo ID badges contain information pertaining to the card owner. This information is safely stored on a magnetic stripe, a bar code, or a smart chip embedded on a photo ID badge.

A photo ID badge is so advanced that it can contain biometric information (face, photograph, fingerprints, iris measurements, etc) of the card owner. This particular technology of photo ID badges has been embraced by many countries as reflected by the popularity of the e-passport.

Photo ID badges can be customised according to the needs of the company. It can be used simply for aesthetics – as it is the “in thing”. However, many companies choose to take advantage of the many perks that come with having a photo ID badge. After all, investing on a name badge or photo ID badge would, in the long run, translate to more profit for the company.

The most widely used feature of a photo ID badge is that of attendance tracking. With a swipe of this high-tech employee name badge, attendance is already taken care of. By employing the use of photo ID badges, some companies were able to reduce the number of their security personnel. This was made possible by having the photo id badges store access information for every employee of the company. In this way, a swipe of the photo ID badge would enable authorized employees to enter secured areas or facilities without passing through an identity check usually completed by a security officer.

Paying food at the office cafeteria is likewise made easy by photo ID badges. Similar to company executives who checks in to different hotels during their many business trips, paying would be as easy as a swipe of the photo ID badge.

I could go on and on and still miss out on some of the benefits of using photo ID badges. The possibilities are just endless and that is why more and more companies have turned their backs from the traditional ID.