Photo ID Cards

With the advancement of technology, companies have embraced the use of modern and high-tech form of identification often referred to as photo ID cards. Unlike typical employee IDs, photo ID cards are much preferred not only for their aesthetic qualities but also for their added security. Depending on the need, a photo ID card may include a hologram, watermark, or a bar code which would make it difficult for others to duplicate.

Aside from providing a form of identification to each employee, photo ID cards are also designed to accommodate other uses. Nowadays photo ID cards are often embedded with access codes that set a limit on premises that a certain individual may be allowed entry to. Photo ID cards are also commonly used by companies in keeping track of attendance for payroll purposes.

The Name Badge Company offers only the best quality photo ID cards that radiates a high degree of professionalism. With our scratch resistant, polyurethane coating, our photo ID cards remain presentable over time. We understand your need to cut on expenses and it is for this reason we use only top quality materials that make our photo ID cards long wearing and durable.

Why settle for cheap photo ID cards to cut cost when you can have beauty and quality at a reasonable price? With 8 colour options, RGB printing and availability of pantone colours, we will match the exact colour specifications of your photo ID card. A photo ID card worn on one’s lapel provides an insight on how a company defines quality. In this manner, a company’s photo ID card becomes a form of advertisement. Customers can select from 4 different shapes at which to produce their photo ID cards.

Unlike other companies, we let our customers decide whether to use pin or magnetic attachments for their photo ID cards without the extra cost. We also help you save time and money by having our in-house designers create an artwork that will be made available to you within 24 hours which amounts to £30 in savings. Not only that, we offer more savings and big discounts on volume orders of photo ID cards.

Dispatches are completed within 2-5 days depending on the actual volume. Call us now for a free quotation and we will give you only the best price for your photo ID cards.