Pilots Name Badge

The commercial airline pilot looked at his reflection in the mirror. Something is missing, the name badge. That should not be forgotten. As a commercial airline pilot, he won’t be able to move around the airport without it. The name badge is just like an ID to an ordinary employee. He won’t be able to go through the airport to the hangar if he is not wearing a name badge. The airline pilot quickly searched for his name badge, placed it on his chest and left the room.

Airline pilots fly commercial aircraft that transport passengers safely to their destinations. They are responsible not only for the passengers but also for the cargo and crew.

The name badge of a commercial airline pilot does not only carry the name of the pilot. The pilot endured extensive theoretical and practical training to ensure safety in the air. The name badge signifies the years of education and training a commercial airline pilot must undergo to obtain his license. Becoming an airline pilot is laborious and expensive.

The name badge also carries significant qualities a commercial airline pilot must have to navigate a flight to its destination. He must be clear-headed, pays close attention to details and can think under pressure. The airline pilot should be able to monitor various things at once such as weather conditions, altitudes and air traffic. To be a commercial airline pilot is difficult.

The name badge also bears the sacrifices made by the pilot. You have to away from home for long periods of time and always have to cope with jet lag. You’ll experience severe mental stress due to trying to be awake for long flights. Indeed, the commercial airline pilot’s name badge comes with a price.

People have a high regard for individuals in uniform specially a commercial airline pilot. The name badge of an airline pilot commands respect and admiration. People know the job has a lot of difficulties and benefits. Airline pilots travels all over the country and the world and it is a high paying job with plenty of extravagant subsidies. The name badge has its rewards.

Did you know that before flying commercial airline, all airline pilots are deputized as federal law enforcement officers? A pilot has a firearm in the cockpit just in case any wild passengers cause chaos on the plane. The name badge is now also a police badge.