Plastic Name Badge for Business

A small investment can pay off in a huge way. Advertisement is a critical part of a business’ overhead expenditure and an ever evolving industry in its own right. The question always comes down to this: how to promote a product or service to the public without hurting the company’s bottom line? In two words: Plastic Badges!

The least expensive are pin name badges. These wonderful little items can be designed and produced to a company’s exact specifications – the name of the company, its brand design or even a sales slogan can be printed onto the pin button badge. The button badge is pretty much just that; usually round but can be other shapes, too. They have a small pin safely attached to the backing so that the wearer can put the badge on their lapel, shirt or other material, and then easily remove it for another day.

Another style of badge is the plastic name badge. This type can be more expensive but only relatively so. The limitations for designing a plastic name badge are up to the designer, they are that accommodating. Some plastic badges are not much bigger than a postage stamp while others can be as large as a bar of chocolate. The badges can be replicas of a company’s brand mark, a product, an activity, a slogan.

Of all the name badges, a metal name badge will be the most expensive to utilize, compared to a plastic badge.

Some of the reasons for this are:

• Metal is more expensive as a base form
• Production equipment used to make metal name badges is more labor-intensive
• Engraving text on the name badge is an added step

However, the extra investment can be money well-spent. The perception of a metal badge, to most people, is that the company giving it away must be quite successful. Most adults will be more likely to wear a metal badge in public because they will assume that other’s will perceive the information on their cheap name badges to be of importance or popular.