Policeman Name Badges

Did you know that some of the policeman name badges are ordered right off the internet? With the advances in technology as well as the invention of plastic cards, a plastic name badge has become a must have identification for most profession. For all you know, your company name badge and the policeman name badge of the police officer writing you a ticket has the same exact features.

How different is an ordinary company name badge to that of a policeman name badge? Technically, the basic material is the same. Both the cards may be made of PVC plastic and could have a magnetic stripe, a bar code, a hologram, or even a smart chip. The difference would lie on the purpose for which the card is made. Unlike a typical name badge, a policeman name badge is often designed with a county logo, state seal, patch, and watermark. It is necessary to have all these information on a policeman name badge so that a police officer can be easily identified and associated with his county. Also, a watermark or a hologram, as an anti-counterfeiting feature, may be embedded on the policeman name badge for use to verify its authenticity.

Here’s a trivia. Did you know that in the early years, police officers in UK were identified by their collar numbers? With the growing trend and market of name badges, the Police Departments have started to make it mandatory for their police force to wear policeman name badges. This is to make policemen more accountable of their actions and be more approachable as they can immediately be identified by their names. This, however, raised many discussions as many policemen reacted against wearing policeman name badges. The policemen are concerned that by wearing name badges, their families, friend, and relatives may be made vulnerable targets of violence. To address the security and privacy issues of its force, the Police Department limited the mandatory wearing of policeman name badges to those who are working in the community and with children. Policemen who are working undercover or those wearing combat gears are no longer required to wear policeman name badges.

Police name badges were initially designed with magnetic and pin attachments. However, many policeman name badges were lost due to scuffles that led to the design being changed to an embroidered name badge.

To this day, policemen have embroidered name badges on their uniforms. Name badge suppliers enforce strict policies against printing policeman name badges. One cannot simply order policeman name badges right off the bat. A name badge supplier would typically require letter of authorization from the Police Chief, Mayor, or another figure of similar authority prior to printing policeman name badges.