Political Name Badges

Part of getting a majority of the public behind your candidate or political group is to get the word out! Plastic name badges are a wonderful addition to your armoury of tools to enlighten the public and draw support to your organisation.

Whether your aim is to get the next Prime Minister elected or get a law passed in your village, pin badges can cover more territory faster than a legion of door-to-door volunteers alone. By giving away pin badges with your candidate’s name or the slogan decided upon by campaign headquarters, a badge on the lapel or shirt pocket of each person the volunteers come into contact with will geometrically enhance your cause’s the word-of-mouth exposure.

People are, by nature, inclined to want to feel as though they are included; that they are accepted by and part of something larger. Pin buttons with a shape that is familiar to others who are similarly inclined will cause conversation on that topic and others can be caught up in the conversation or ask how they can learn more. Be sure to have extra buttons in your suit pocket or purse for just such a moment.

Children like anything that is fun and they love being in on grownup’s business as long as it, too, is fun. A pin button with the face of your village candidate for mayor will get plenty of ‘face time’ when it is worn by the children of volunteers. Be sure to take into account the age of the child so that she is unlikely to take the badge off to play with it or put it in her mouth and risk injury.

A name badge will also identify each volunteer, showing those they contact which party they are working with that day. A person is far more likely to open their door or listen patiently to someone who is wearing an ID badge showing who they are associated with that day.

Some people vote for ideas and candidates because they recognize their name or face or the slogan of their campaign. Pin button badges are like little snapshots of your effort. The voter may not have voted at all on certain issues being put to the public on ballot day, but a well run and very visual effort can make a huge difference. Remember: sometimes it is only one vote that wins the election.