Poppy Badges

Did you know how poppy badges came to be, or why people even wear poppy badges? Do you know of its significance? Why poppy badges and not sunflower badges?

I myself had the very same questions and the answers of which I am about to share. Poppies have a very important significance especially to war veterans. Each year, a number of poppy badges are sold in Commonwealth countries commemorating the members of their armed forces who died during World War I.

The day known to many as Remembrance Day is also referred to in other countries as Armistice Day, Poppy Day, or Veteran’s Day. Poppy Day is commonly celebrated on November 11, same day as the official end of World War I in 1918 when Germany signed the Armistice. It was during this time that red poppies bloomed all over the worst battlefields and inspired the creation of the poem “Flanders Field” by John McCrae. In his poem, McCrae described the graves of war soldiers as among the field of poppies with the red colour of the poppy appropriately signifying blood spilt during the war.

In 1922, disabled war veterans incited national awareness of the symbolic meaning of poppies by their “Buddy Poppy” program selling artificial poppies. The poppies then started to become a symbol of honor for all war veterans.

Today, different countries have various ways of celebrating Poppy Day. Canadians wear red poppies on November 11 while in Great Britain, the London War Memorial is decorated with wreaths of poppies.

Poppy name badges also became a favorite accessory to war veterans and to those who would like to remember their relatives who died in war. War Veterans are often seen during Memorial Day Parade sporting a red poppy badge on his lapel alongside a flag badge or pin.

To address the demand for poppy badges, online sites have begun to offer them. A search I made on Google showed many different styles offered for badges. poppy name badges are usually offered in metal (stainless steel, brass, or zinc alloy) or enamel and are printed in full colour.

Some poppy name badges are designed to be small enough so that they can be attached to a war veteran’s beret. Poppy badges, similar to flag and name badges can be designed to include both pin and magnetic attachment. Among the popular buys are the red poppy badges with slogans “Lest We Forget”.