Professional Name Badges

In the world of business, it is imperative for the establishments, most especially the employees, to look formal, professional and respectable. From the hair style and make-up down to the uniform and uniform accessories, management should carefully consider the holistic appeal of its employees as they represent the organization not just to clients but also to future prospects.

But, how do you define ‘professional’? In terms of corporate name badges, what is a professional name badge and what is not? If you were to ask the younger generation of employees what type of name badge is deemed to be professional, many of them would say that magnetic name tags are the best option for a professional name badge.

Magnetic name tags are trendier as they use magnets as fasteners which do not damage the cloth of the uniform. They do away with the long lanyards that oftentimes get in the way of several tasks and job functions such as activities that require bending over and carrying stuff. Magnetic name tags can really be your best choice for a professional name badge except that they usually come in small-sized name plates that do not have enough space for important company information.

Unless you want a cluttered name badge, magnetic name tags may not be the right type of professional name badge for you. When it comes to size, a professional name badge should not be too large that it already covers your entire chest. Nor should your professional name badge be too small that it cannot be seen and read by people from within 5 meters away. Also, professional name badges should not be made of heavy material or else the employees will not want to wear them.

Professional name badges should be just the right size to be light, handy, informative, and at the same time attractive to your target audience. In terms of color, gold, silver, aluminum, and brass name plates are very popular choices for a professional name badge. Gold, silver or brass professional name badges may not necessarily be made of metal (it can be made of hard plastic only covered with glossy sticker), but since they take the color of metal, these professional name badges look more elegant and are more apt to be used on formal occasions like business meetings and conferences. Gold and silver professional name badges are also commonly used in the hospitality industry, the airline industry and the medical profession.

A professional name badge is also most of the time done with engraving. Laser engraving gives an etched look and feel on your professional name badge. An engraved professional name badge has the tendency to appear more expensive hence insinuates a good and more stable image for your company. Letters may be in script or in a crisp and clear font to facilitate reading and communication.