Promote Your Business With Name Badges

Company name badges should bring out a positive first impression. As a consumer, where are you most likely to purchase an item or service? From a business that does not supply its employees with company name badges, from a company whose workers wear cheap or ratty looking name badges, or from a company whose employees wear tidy, easy to read name badges that were made in England?

As a business owner, you work hard to ensure the success of your company. You know that spending valuable income on inferior or over-priced products is like throwing money down the drain. Good promotion and first impression can go hand in hand. A company name badge worn by an employee will make a lightning-fast impression on every customer or client that visits your business. In the first five to ten seconds of contact, consumers will notice visual keys first, interactive and product keys afterwards.
If you have ever entered a place of business and been unable to tell the shopkeepers from the customers you know how frustrating, unprofessional, and time-wasting it is. It should never be a customer’s job to find someone to wait on them.

Seeing a flimsy or defective name badge on a shop employee is just as bad. My first reaction is always, “Ugh…what else did I miss here?” The clerk ends up losing a sale or having to work twice as hard to change a customer’s first impression. This can cost the business more man-hours with less profit, or perhaps no sale at all!

When employees wear sturdy, professional looking company name badges, they project a more capable and professional demeanour. Remember, a person who has a good experience with your company is much more likely to become a repeat customer than one who has not.