Promotional Badges

What are the uses of promotional name badges? Why are promotional badges attractive? Is creativity needed in designing promotional name badges?

Promotional name badges declare a statement about you, product or ideals. They help circulate information to a wide range of people. Promotional badges are used for political campaigns, fund raisers, product promotions, social awareness campaigns, etc. They are a great way to advertise.

There are different kinds of promotional badges. Button badges are less expensive and suppliers do not need large quantities for order. Enamel badges are a bit expensive and take some time to be made. There are also flashing badges, die cast badges, PVC badges, raised dimension badges and many more.

The printing on the promotional name badges also grabs attention. Screen printed name badges produces strong colours. Digitally printed name badges are perfect for logos that are multi-coloured. Laser engraved name badges are impeccable and dignified looking.

When choosing promotional name badges, we have to consider a few factors:
• Objective – What is the message of the promotional badge? Why do we need name badges?
• Design – Will the promotional name badges convey the message we want to impart? Will it attract clients?
• Budget – What type of promotional name badge can we afford? How many can we buy?
• Production Period – How long will the promotional badge be made? Will it be delivered on time?
• Quantity- How large is the population to be supplied?

Creativity plays a large part in designing a promotional name badge. The design should be eye-catching and hold the viewer’s attention. It will take creativity to integrate in a small space the message you want to convey. The promotional name badges should be appealing that people will want to wear them often.

Promotional name badges should be made of long-lasting materials so that people will wear them for a long time. Hence, they will always be reminded of your product.