Best Quality Promotional Enamel Name Badges

Among the different types of name badges sold in the market today, enamel badges are one of the top favorites. Many organizations, companies and schools choose this type of name badge because it is small, portable, affordable and stylish. Enamel badges can be brought anywhere and anytime by the name badge owner, student or employee. They catch the attention and stimulate the curiosity of people towards a certain product or a service. On top of that, enamel badges, pins and buttons are very affordable and are built to last, so you get more value for your money.

Enamel badges are grouped according to the purpose they serve. The different kinds of enamel badges are 1) promotional enamel badges and 2) style enamel badges.

Promotional enamel badges contain the same basic information as other name badges – your name, designation and company name and logo. The primary and perhaps the only difference would be the name badge material. These badges are considered as the cheapest advertising tools and are great for brand recognition. Promotional enamel badges can effortlessly tap across all markets and help in raising the awareness of the public as well as in generating sales and sales leads. Although they are small, professional-looking enamel badges are very recognizable and encourage your consumers to promote your company and your products and services.

On the other hand, style enamel badges are badges that are considered fashionable. They are commonly differentiated by the texture of their surfaces. They may be made of hard and rough or soft and smooth enamel depending on the frequency of usage and the function they serve.

The hard and rough enamel badges are designed to withstand harsh work conditions and daily use. They are more durable and less prone to damage. In contrast, soft enamel badges are occasionally used and are better worn indoors where they will not be exposed to unfavorable elements in the work environment.

Another malleable metal alloy called pewter is also oftentimes used for a different look and feel. The printing of the content on enamel badges also makes a big difference in style enamel badges. Stamped enamel badges are among the most popular, as they are shinier and glossier. Printed badges, on the other hand, are more colorful and visually attractive. Aside from its main functions of identification, security and advertising, enamel badges are also great corporate giveaways and internal promo prizes.