Promotional Name Badges

Promotional name badges can give your product or company that extra boost it needs in these difficult economic times. They can also expand your company’s exposure to the general public – also known as the consuming public.

A plastic promotional badge can be worn by both employees and customers. Employees, besides wearing their standard name badge, can wear these new promotional badges which can be printed to show a slogan or the name of the special event.

A company that hands out promotional badges gives the consumer the impression that their business is truly appreciated. Giving a consumer a company promotional button or pin also insinuates that the company trusts him or her in public with the reputation of the company.

A side benefit of the promotional button is that this will also build good company/consumer relations for the future. Children especially love to be given something when they are out and about with their parents. Normally, children are told, “No, you can’t have that,” while out running errands with their parents. When they are presented with a promotional pin or badge to wear, they are thrilled! Their parents don’t mind because this way the child gets to walk out wearing something that cost the parent nothing; a very win-win situation for Mum or Dad and their child. Your business will thrive because a legion of children is happily sporting your promotional button for all to see, lending more exposure to your financial endeavours.

Some businesses will stage a series of events over a specific period of time. By designing a series of promotional buttons and pins to hand out to your customers, you have turned what seems like simple promotion and advertising scheme into a game where the idea is to visit the store often enough to collect all of the promotional badges. Have your clerks wear, besides their normal company ID badge, all of the promotional badges throughout your event, as each becomes available. When your event is in its last segment, your employees will have all the promotional name badges on their uniforms and their everyday company ID badge. Customers will come in and see the clerks wearing their colourful promotional badges and it will encourage conversation between customer and clerk regarding the latest sale or special values on the items being promoted.