Proud to Wear My Nurse Name Badge

In our society today, it is extremely important to have a professional look in every business deal. Name badges have become a trending fashion as identity cards and more to businessmen.

Similar to the corporate world, the medical field has been overtaken by name badges, too, but with a twist. A nurse is perceived as a sympathetic guardian angel to patients. Most nurses wear white while some wear coloured scrubs. It is also customary for nurses to wear their uniforms or scrubs with name badges.

A nurse name badge, like other name badges, is used for identification and security. Most of them are personalised with their department’s colour palette so that it can be easily seen. These are small name badges made out of vinyl plastic and pinned in the upper right corner of a nurse’s uniform. For nurses assigned in the Pediatric Section, the nurses name badge is colorful and fun. Their shapes vary from hearts, sun, stars and more. The child patients find it attractive and becomes at ease every time they see it. It is usually made out of rigid plastic but some hospitals and other medical institutions prefer the softer version of their nurses name badges. For the other departments, the hospital has a colour coding system to identify who belongs to that particular department.

Another form of nurse name badges is those given by the hospital as their identification card. This is used as their official id, verifying that they are working in the said medical institution. This also serves as their access to restricted rooms. This kind of name badges are sleek and simple similar to a credit card.

A nurse name badge is customization, depending upon the printing company and the client, it can have a logo of the medical institution in full colour. You can opt for a photo id type of nurse name badge.

Sometimes, there are clients who put too much information on their name badges making it impossible to read. So it is recommended to input the necessary details only. The usual layout of a nurse name badge is the full name of a nurse and her position beneath.

While you may personalize your badges, there are also pre-made designs which you can choose from. Name badge holders can be useful for you, too. This will keep your nurse name badge protected all the time. Its attachment can be pins, safety clips, lanyards or other materials. Most companies offer free name badge holders if you order in bulk.