Purple Name Badges

Purple name badges are customized for different purposes. The color itself is versatile so it can be applied from any casual to formal events. Purple is both a warm and cool color. It is usually associated with mystery and nobility or royalty. Most people love this color because of its flexibility. It can boost one’s imagination and can be mixed with other special tones. The color is considered the motif of the specific event.

For some people, they prefer using the color purple in a feminine designed name badge. Typical symbols like flowers, lady silhouette or ribbons are used in purple name badges. For example, purple name badges are used in baby or bridal showers. The designs will used lighter shades of purple to enhance the name badge and make it legible. The same idea is used for purple name badges to be used in a semi-formal business like a coffee shop. Its design may alter in fonts or images but the color scheme will be based on that color.

A bolder design like associating purple name badges with punk rock genre is used to promote the punk music or band. Grunge effect in purple hues is popular especially in teenagers or those who support that genre. The texts on this type of purple name badges are probably ridiculous, stupid, cool or jokey.

The purple name badges can be used as pet name badges, too. Your pet may get lost but will be identifiable by the purple name badge because it immediately draws attention.

Purple name badges are customised and are purchased in name badge companies. However, if you are not sure what kind of name badge you want, let me give you an overview. The purple name badges are designed according to your taste. From shapes, sizes, fonts, symbols, logos, it is all your choice. There are pre-made designs by companies which you can choose from and personalise as your own layout. The purple name badges can be made in various types of name badges. For temporary use only, you can use a sticker name badge. This is good for children’s party or company meetings. The plastic name badges can be a good choice for business owners and their staffs. It is moisture-free and durable.

Another choice for purple name badges will be the button name badges which is the most popular among these badges. This is cheap, affordable and can be bought readymade in stores. Fondly called as pins, this type of purple name badges are available in stores with different printed designs.