Purpose of Conference Name Badges for Event

In one of my drawers at home is a vast array of conference name badges that I have collected from the many occasions I have attended a seminar or a product launch. Regardless of whether it was for a fund-raising project, a learning forum, a conference to increase awareness, or a simple promotional event, it is quite interesting to note how much time was spent by the conference organizers in the design of each badge. It is probably because these conference name badges play an important role in identifying each and every participant in the event but also a nicely designed badge could have a huge impact on communication.

A conference name badge should serve more than the purpose of providing a sense of belonging to its bearer. Conference or event organizers have started deviating from using simple name tags and are now into a more complex and sophisticated form of identifying their speakers, invited guests, and participants. They are not anymore simply concerned with the visibility of the names on the badges but also in how other relevant information displayed on the name plate would be of use to those who attended the event.

With the network they are trying to help establish, event organizers are looking into incorporating marketing strategies and advertising in the design of their conference name badge. It is for this reason that some event organizers go as far as employing design companies in the conceptualization of the badge they will be distributing in their events. The need to incorporate more detail and information on a conference name badge has made design companies explore other aspects of the badge. The once card-size badges have now evolved to various shapes and sizes, and printed in different colors to help identify participants by group.

The materials used in printing conference name badges have also improved from plain cardboard to card plastics and even brass. The plastic holders with metal clips are now history and have been replaced by more sophisticated leather jackets. Printing has also evolved from one-sided to double-sided. Most companies employ the double-sided printing as it provides more room for all other information that they would like the conference name badge to have.

Do not be surprised if your next conference name badge would include the entire itinerary of the event as well as the room numbers where each meeting is to be held.