Restaurant Name Badges: Attention Grabber

The Name badge has played an exceptional role on various business establishments. In as much as it provides security, it promotes a good relationship with the clients. Establishment staffs with clear identity through their badge make the clients more comfortable doing transactions with them. It gives them a sense of trust that they are talking with the authorized person.

In restaurants, most hungry people never pay attention to the server’s name. In fact, the majority of the customers address all attending staffs as waiters or waitresses. Nobody minds if they are wearing their restaurant’s name badges and wanted to be called by their names. Besides, most staff don’t even bother asking the customer’s name. While someone is in a hurry to satisfy his stomach, the other party wanted his job get done immediately. Indeed, everybody means business. However, this culture can be modified towards a more friendly business environment. A good business ensures a healthy relationship. The key points to remember are high quality service and good rapport towards clients. Building a relationship begins with knowing your clients’ names and becoming familiar with their faces. In return, customers may exert effort on being acquainted with their service provider in similar way. Therefore, staffs are encouraged to wear their name badges on the workplace. In this manner, there is no need to introduce yourself on every client you attend to.

Often times, consumers fail to pay attention when restaurant servers introduce their specialty for the day. Hence, they end up repeating what they had just said. To prevent this from happening, one technique to capture the interest of the client is using the name badge guessing game. Cheerfully ask the client to guess your name as you cover your name badge within few seconds. Once you totally get his attention, uncover your badge and smile. Then, start introducing the menu. A simple game like this can put smile onto someone’s face either he guessed your name right or not. However, take extra precaution on customers who gets easily irritated with restaurants’ gimmick.

Definitely, a simple restaurant name badge can serve more than its purpose. The smile that you put onto your customer’s face is a bonus to the quality service you provide. All that you need is your innovative mind to make your business stay on top. There are many other tricks you can play along. In this case, the name badge won the game.

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